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More About Machakos

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Local people are mostly of the Akamba ethnicity.


The local climate is semi arid with hilly terrain with an altitude of 1000 to 1600 metres above sea level.. Tourist related activities such as camping, hiking safaris, ecotourism and cultural tourism, dance and music festivals among many more are more excitingly done due to the hilly terrain. The hospitality industry in the region is decent.


Subsistence agriculture is mostly practiced with maize and drought-resistant crops such as sorghum and millet being grown due to the areas semi-arid state.

However, the County also plays host to the open air market concept with major market days where large amounts of produce are traded. Fruits, vegetables and other food stuffs like maize and beans are sold in these markets.


The county is banking on projects such as the Konza Technology City, a new Machakos City to boost output in the economy and its proximity to Nairobi County.

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